Wales loses out again! M4 tailbacks to continue at Newport.

Press Release – 4th June 2019

 Wales loses out again! M4 tailbacks to continue at Newport.

 Despite decades of traffic congestion and tailbacks at the Brynglas Tunnels and detrimental impacts on the economy of Wales, its communities and the surrounding environment, speculation that the Welsh Government have been preparing the ground to cancel the project has now been confirmed and the relief road to the M4 at Newport will not go ahead as was originally planned. This is a devastating blow for the Welsh economy, for businesses and for communities in this part of Wales.

CECA Wales Director, Ed Evans, said :

“There has been much speculation within the industry for some time that the Welsh Government has been preparing the ground to cancel their plans for an M4 relief road around Newport. It is now clear that Wales will lose out again. This has been a dreadfully slow process riddled with political indecision. And yet the problems for businesses and communities in this part of Wales remain as do, sadly, the environmental impacts caused by congestion and tailbacks at the tunnels.

 This is a huge blow and comes on the back of so many other major projects being delayed or cancelled : Wylfa Newydd, rail electrification, tidal lagoons, to name but a few. Wales is fast becoming a country of false promises but this needs to change. If the relief road is not to proceed then we need to see this investment being directed to other infrastructure projects to benefit our future generations. And we need this to happen quickly. Our infrastructure is falling apart and along with it is any hope of achieving a more prosperous and resilient Wales.

 The impacts of this decision on the civil engineering contracting sector and, in particular, the dreadful way in which it has been handled, are hugely significant. The sector is a major contributor to Wales’ Foundation Economy, employing thousands of people, many from our most deprived communities, and providing training and upskilling opportunities for many more. The way the sector is being treated by politicians is deplorable and it would not happen to other businesses such as Tata Steel and Airbus. Unless something is done to drive greater investment into the sector we will see more and more high quality businesses and jobs move across the border where the prospects for them are so much better.

 The civil engineering sector looks forward to hearing details as a matter of urgency of how the Welsh Government now intends to use its borrowing powers to invest in Wales’ infrastructure with alternative schemes.”


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