CECA Wales 2020 Annual Conference : Decarbonising our infrastructure

20 Mar
20 March 2020, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Novotel, Cardiff

20th March 2020, Cardiff

As we move into a brave new world which is dominated by concerns over climate change and how we need to adapt our lifestyles to cope with this, the role, and carbon impact, of our infrastructure becomes evermore critical. And not just what we build but how we build it, how we justify what we build and the “value” of what we build. The performance of our existing assets is, of course, even more critical. But, arguably, the models that we’ve traditionally followed are becoming less and less applicable to delivering a sustainable and low carbon future. The same could be said about our businesses.

This year’s conference will consider how we decarbonise our infrastructure?

  • What are the policy, legislative and moral drivers to decarbonise our infrastructure assets and services?
  • What are the examples of mitigation and adaptation measures that we need to meet the challenges of climate change?
  • What technical innovations/environmentally sensitive ways of construction are available to reduce carbon?
  • How do we measure the carbon impacts of our infrastructure – and compare it against costs?
  • How should we justify investment in and funding of infrastructure projects in the future to deliver clean and inclusive growth?
  • What skills are needed to deliver low carbon infrastructure?
  • Can the public and private sectors work better, together to drive greater decarbonisation?
  • Do we need to change the procurement process?
  • Do we need to change our business models?

We’ve pulled together a number of speakers with knowledge and expertise across a range of areas. As with our previous conferences though, we will seek to draw out the thoughts, observations and concerns of our delegates and how we can, practically, decarbonise our infrastructure assets.

 Attendance at this event is via invitation only