We welcome enquiries from non-member companies seeking membership.

Two categories of membership exist :

Membership Criteria

  1. Full Membership
  2. Associate Membership

All applications need to be approved by the CECA Wales Executive Committee.

Criteria for Full Membership

  1. Have a registered office in Wales.
  2. Engaged on Civil Engineering.
  3. Traded for at least 3 years as a Civil Engineering Company.
  4. Registered for VAT.
  5. Registered with CITB.
  6. Have a compliant Health & Safety Policy.
  7. Have one sponsor and supporter from existing members.
  8. Receive approval by the CECA (Wales) Executive Committee.

For further details and application get in touch

Criteria for Associate Membership

  1. Be registered in the UK as a limited company;
  2. Have a registered office in the geographical area of CECA Wales Ltd;
  3. Work in a civil engineering related discipline, but be ineligible to apply for membership of the Association as a full member;
  4. Be trading for at least 2 years;
  5. Be registered for VAT;
  6. Be registered with CITB, if in scope;
  7. Have a relevant Health & Safety Policy;
  8. Have a Quality Management System in place;
  9. Conform to the general principles of the CIJC Working Rule Agreement;
  10. Be aware of the CECA Action Plans and Strategies;
  11. Comply with Competition Law requirements;
  12. Be aware of the CECA Wales Ltd Code of Ethics;
  13. Agree to pay £1,200 plus VAT per annum for Associate Membership

Associate Members will have no voting rights, nor be eligible to stand as a Board Member of CECA Wales.

For further details and application get in touch

To become a full or associate member get in touch and send us your details.
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