We welcome enquiries from non-member companies seeking membership.

Two categories of membership exist :

Membership Criteria

  1. Full Membership
  2. Associate Membership

All applications need to be approved by the CECA Wales Executive Committee.

Criteria for Full Membership

The business should:

  1. Be registered as a Limited Company in Wales
  2. Be based or trade in Wales
  3. Have a minimum turnover of £500,000 of which at least half must be on civil engineering activity
  4. Have a financially sound track record during the last three years
  5. Have in place a Health and Safety policy that meets the commitment to the CECA Health and Safety Action Plan and Strategy, or be willing to amend it so that it does
  6. Must be registered with CITB and pay levy in accordance with The Industrial Training Levy (Construction Industry Training Board) Order 2018 (full membership only where turnover is appropriate)
  7. Be committed to raising the standards of civil engineering through being a member of CECA Wales Ltd
  8. Agree to the scrutiny of their application by the Directors and Board members of CECA Wales
  9. Agree to the board decision without recourse.

For further details and application get in touch

Criteria for Associate Membership

Companies applying to join CECA Wales Ltd via the Associate Membership route should comply with the following criteria, terms and conditions:

  1. Be registered in the UK as a Limited Company
  2. Carry out business activities closely allied and supportive of the civil engineering industry
  3. Be based or trade in Wales
  4. Are not eligible as a full member or have previously been a full member
  5. Have a financially sound track record during the last three years
  6. Be VAT Registered
  7. Be aware of the CECA Action Plans and Strategies
  8. Comply with Competition Law requirements
  9. Be aware of and adopt where possible the CECA Code of Ethics
  10. Hold relevant policies and be legally compliant

Associate Members will not have any right to vote on, influence or amend existing constitutional matters, the operations or policies of the Association.

For further details and application get in touch

To become a full or associate member get in touch and send us your details.
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