Where is our infrastructure heading?

A few weeks ago I, and a few guest writers, wrote a series of articles for the Institute of Welsh Affairs’ “Click on Wales” portal. For me the key and current question for those of us involved in the infrastructure sector and, more importantly, those who depend on it (which is all of us!), is :

Where is our infrastructure heading?

Following the Welsh Government’s establishment of a National Infrastructure Commission for Wales, I took a relatively lighthearted look at what’s happening at a UK level and what – or if – Wales has anything to learn and gain from these developments.

You can view the article here : https://bit.ly/2U6hnja

What was far more illuminating was the contributions made by 4 guest writers in the areas of energy, communications, transportation and the needs of business.

You can view all those articles here :

Energy Infrastructure – David Clubb shares his concerns for Wales’ electricity grid capacity and discusses the opportunities this may bring 

Energy Infrastructure

Essentials for digital infrastructure where people matter – Dan James explains the five essentials needed to create a digital infrastructure that will benefit people and communities  

Essentials for digital infrastructure where people matter

(Electric) Car Future Wales – Decarbonisation of transport is essential, possible, and replete with opportunity argues Rhodri Huw Thomas

(Electric) Car Future Wales

Infrastructure and the economy – The National Infrastructure Commission for Wales has to be anchored in reality, as well as forward thinking and ambitious for what Wales can achieve says Josh Miles  

Infrastructure and the economy

And if you’d like to listen to our concluding debate on these issues you can follow this podcast :  https://bit.ly/2RGNDMV

We need to up our game drastically when it comes to our infrastructure if Wales is to seriously compete at a global level, to raise the living standards of our people and to create a far fairer and inclusive society. Our new Infrastructure Commission has an important part to play in this but it needs to move quickly and needs to take on board the views of people and communities from across the whole of Wales.

Ed Evans, Director of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales