The CECA Wales “Key Asks” ahead of The Senedd elections in 2021

A new manifesto for civil engineering contractors in Wales

As we approach the end of 2020 (can’t come soon enough for most people I guess!) and we look towards 2021 it’s time to review the year and what we will be focusing on for the year to come.

Our strategy for the last few years has been based around the 4-P’s : Promotion, Procurement, People and Partnerships. These have served us well but it’s now time to pause and to consider the effects of Covid on our sector, Brexit, new technologies and, of course, climate change. We’ll be publishing our new strategy for the future in January.

But, when we consider plans for the future, we can’t forget the impacts of politics either and, next May, we will have elections for The Senedd. We have been working with our partners across the sector to shape our “key asks” of the next Welsh Government and have shaped this bilingual manifesto document for CECA Wales

The document has been issued to all Members of the Senedd and to those developing the political manifestos. I have also met with leading politicians over the last few months to make sure that they understand the challenges facing our sector, what support we need from them and what outcomes we could better achieve with that support.

Our “key asks” are based on the following priority areas :

  1. Improving visibility and certainty of “pipeline”,
  2. Streamlining public procurement,
  3. Improving payment practices,
  4. Supporting people in our sector,
  5. Streamlining the planning process,
  6. Supporting our sector to decarbonise operations.

No surprises I guess but we’ve set out what we would like to see politicians deliver on to make our business environment much more sustainable, productive and profitable.

CECA Wales Senedd Manifesto Proposals 2021

Ed Evans

Director CECA Wales