CECA Wales periodically produces publications on a range of issues relevant to our members.

These can be downloaded below:

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CECA Wales Membership Brochure

This CECA Wales Membership Brochure sets out the benefits of membership, the different categories of membership, how to become a member and how the organisation operates, both within Wales and the relationship with our partners, working together, under the CECA brand, across Wales, Scotland and the six regions of England.

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The value of membership
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Annual Review 2020-21 2020-21

This Annual Review sets out what we have achieved at CECA Wales over the last 12 months and our plans for the future.

And if you’d like to read our interactive version just click on this link https://bit.ly/3owlCqM

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Adolygiad Blynyddol 2020-21 2020-21

Mae’r adroddiad yma yn disgrifio gwaith CECA Cymru dros y 12 mis diwethaf ac yn cymeryd golwg at y dyfodol.

Ac os hoffech ddarllen ein fersiwn rhyngweithiol dilynwch y linc yma https://bit.ly/3DauYwl

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Southeast Wales Highways and Civil Engineering Framework Market Day Event 14th June 2021

This Market Day event was held to inform potential bidders of the structure of the forthcoming framework to deliver highway and civil engineering services across southeast Wales from 2022. The content of the presentation slides reflect proposals current as of 14th June 2021 but are subject to change following feedback from the market.

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HS2 Supply Chain Opportunities 2021

Here’s a quick look at HS2 supply chain opportunities for Welsh civil engineering contractors.

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Southeast Wales Highways and Civil Engineering Framework Pipeline April 2021 2021

This document contains the latest forecast pipeline of work for the Southeast Wales Highways and Civil Engineering Framework at April 2021. It is based on data shared by the Framework Managers in a webinar with CECA Wales members on 13th April 2021 and will updated following the next webinar.

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House of Commons Welsh Affairs Select Committee Inquiry : Rail Infrastructure in Wales 2021

House of Commons Welsh Affairs Select Committee Inquiry : Rail Infrastructure in Wales

Response from the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales

This is an exciting time for the sector in Wales with the establishment of Transport for Wales offering greater opportunities to pursue integrated transport solutions involving rail and with the devolution of rail infrastructure on the Core Valley Lines (CVL) supporting greater integration between asset owner and rail operator. However, it still faces challenges particularly in terms of serious underfunding of rail improvement works compared to many regions of England and in the part devolved nature of its rail assets and the different priorities pursued by the Department for Transport.

thumbnail of CECA Wales response to Welsh Affairs Select Committee Inquiry Renewable Energy in Wales Feb 2021
House of Commons Welsh Affairs Select Committee Inquiry : Renewable Energy in Wales 2021

House of Commons Welsh Affairs Select Committee Inquiry : Renewable Energy in Wales

Response from the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales

Energy generation and transmission are important areas of work for many of Wales’ civil engineering contractors and represent, in our opinion, an under utilised resource in Wales. However, energy is a sub-sector of infrastructure which is only partially devolved to Wales with many responsibilities retained by Westminster. This means that CECA Wales works with both governments to influence policy and investment. The inquiry that your Committee has launched on renewable energy in Wales comes after the UK Prime Minister announced a 10-point plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’ – set to be worth billions of public and private sector investment. We feel that Wales is in an unique position to support this “revolution”and to benefit from energy transition, particularly in wind power and marine renewables. We also feel that the opportunities to deliver high-skilled employment and to invest in communities across Wales will be an essential part of our post-Covid economic recovery. However, as you will see below, there are a number of constraints and barriers to overcome if a growth in renewable energy development is to benefit Welsh communities, businesses and our broader economy. We have also set out how we think the UK and Welsh Governments can work together to achieve commons goals and help to set the tone ahead of COP26 next year. However, this is not the main focus of our response.Our response is based on the questions that you have set out in your invitation to respond.

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Consultation : UK Gov Green Paper Transforming Public Procurement 2021

Transforming Public Procurement: UK Government Green Paper Consultation

Response from the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales

I am writing on behalf of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (Wales), in my role as Company Director, to submit evidence to the above named UK Government Green Paper consultation. I believe that a separate response is being made on behalf of our sister organisations across England and Scotland. However, given that procurement is a devolved matter, whilst there will be many similarities in both responses, there are differences in associated legislation in Wales which need to be properly represented and accounted for in any new legislation presented by the UK Government.

The procurement process is fundamental to the sustainability of civil engineering businesses. On a broad level the publication of this consultation is welcomed as it has the potential to radically change and improve public sector procurement practices for the long term. Poor procurement practices, along with limited visibility of public sector workflow and poor payment practices, are consistently reported by our members in Wales as being their greatest concerns. We also welcome the publication of the Construction Playbook. Although not formally adopted by the Welsh Government nor local authorities across the UK, the Playbook presents commercial best practices to guide public procurements and seeks to transform how contracting authorities and their supply chains work together. Taken together these changes offer a positive opportunity to our sector.

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Response to Welsh National Transport Strategy Consultation 2021

Llwybr Newydd: a new Wales transport strategy

The Wales Transport Strategy (WTS) is a statutory document required by the Transport (Wales) Act 2006 (The Act). The Act places a duty on the Welsh Ministers to prepare and publish a WTS setting out its policies and how they will be discharged. Covering all modes, it sets out our strategic priorities and desired outcomes, providing a link to the wider priorities as well as plans at the local authority level. Section 2(3)of the same Act requires the Welsh Ministers to keep the WTS under review and provides the ability to revise it from time to time. ‘Llwybr Newydd’ – new path in Welsh – is the Wales Transport Strategy Consultation Draft. The Welsh Government published it in order to hear feedback. Llwybr Newydd sets out a vision and long-term, 20-year ambitions for how transport can contribute to the wider social, environmental, economic and cultural well-being of people in Wales.

CECA Wales responded to the consultation on behalf of members. The response is attached.

Ed Evans

Director CECA Wales

March 2021