Profitability and Productivity

Profitability is an essential component of any business model. Without healthy margins businesses are unable to innovate, reinvest and grow. Sadly, far too many civil engineering contracting businesses are not achieving sustainable levels of profitability. And the link to productivity is clear. We need to maximise both if our industry is to flourish.

Our work programme for 2022 will incorporate both profitability and improved productivity as key performance indicators.

CECA Wales Annual Awards 2022 : Call for entries
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This year’s CECA Wales Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony will once again be held at the Hilton Hotel in Cardiff on Friday 28th October 2022. One of the highlights of the evening are our Awards and we will be announcing the winners during the evening’s proceedings.  As a reminder, the award categories are as follows:-…

A UK Energy Strategy for the future? Or a bundle of possibilities?
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Last week the UK Government published its energy strategy for the next 30 years. For some it’s a blueprint for future energy security, for others it’s too little, too late and does nothing to help those struggling to pay their bills today. Suffice to say it’s a mixed bag. Nevertheless, there are some pointers for…

In Wales’s interest: Let’s collaborate, put politics aside and prioritise Wales’ infrastructure needs.
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Ed Evans, Director of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association Wales calls for greater collaboration across the infrastructure sector in Wales with a clear focus on “value” and for governments in Wales and Westminster to work together in Wales’ interest.   As the dust settles from the Christmas celebrations and politicians, decision makers and those who…