Profitability and Productivity

Profitability is an essential component of any business model. Without healthy margins businesses are unable to innovate, reinvest and grow. Sadly, far too many civil engineering contracting businesses are not achieving sustainable levels of profitability. And the link to productivity is clear. We need to maximise both if our industry is to flourish.

Our work programme for 2022 will incorporate both profitability and improved productivity as key performance indicators.

CECA Wales Annual Dinner and Awards 2023
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We hosted the CECA Wales Annual Dinner and Awards 2023 on Friday 3rd November at the Cardiff Hilton and it turned out to be a great occasion and an opportunity for members and guests to get together to enjoy good company, good food and maybe a drink or two! Here’s a few photos of our…

Annual CECA Wales Golf Tournament 2023
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All good things come to those who wait! And so it was at the Annual CECA Wales Golf Tournament 2023 held at Machynys Peninsula Golf Club on 10th October 2023. The original plan to hold the tournament on 20th September was well and truly scuppered as Storm Lee took charge and deluged the course just…

CECA Wales Joint Annual Conference 2023
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Annual Conference time – CECA Wales, ACE Wales and CSS Cymru We hosted our joint annual conference on 14th July 2023 with the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE) Wales and the County Surveyors Society (CSS) Cymru. The Conference is an important part of our calendar and it’s always a great opportunity for public and private…