Promoting the value of infrastructure to the Welsh economy and seeking increased investment is a key priority for CECA Wales – both for the benefit of members and, more broadly, for the economy of Wales, a resilient environment and high social value.  We’ve worked continuously to raise the profile of CECA Wales amongst clients, politicians and policy makers and we inform and influence policy making wherever and whenever we can.

Our plans for 2022 are captured in our Annual Review but the following gives a snapshot of what we’ll be focusing on :

We’ll promote the value of infrastructure investment at economic, social and environmental levels by

  1. Reviewing the new Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan (WIIP) and prepare a report on “the value of the sector”
  2. Reviewing the latest government budgets (Welsh and UK) and prepare a report on infrastructure investment decisions to inform members
  3. Influencing decision makers on a new approach to social value/community benefits

We’ll continue to raise the profile of CECA Wales amongst clients, politicians and policy makers by

  1. Continuing to engage with politicians at appropriate events
  2. Maintaining our Annual Conference with our partners
  3. Reviewing CECA Wales’ profile amongst partners and stakeholders

We’ll inform and influence policy making by

  1. Inputting to Welsh and UK government reviews
  2. Taking a lead role on appropriate and specific industry groups
  3. Engaging with and inputting to the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales (NICW)

We’ll improve internal and external communications by

  1. Preparing a communications plan for 2022
  2. Reviewing the impact of the CECA Wales website
  3. Maintaining the CECA Wales weekly briefing
  4. Engaging with all media to provide interviews, articles, blogs and press releases

And in previous years ?

In previous years we’ve tried to get governments and clients to share our views on infrastructure. This is always a challenge but we persevered and drove the messages home. This was particularly the case during the last Senedd elections as places were up for grabs at the Welsh Parliament. Here’s a copy of our manifesto for the prospective government:

And we’re always making our views known on infrastructure related consultations including the Welsh National Transport Strategy launched in 2021 and the Welsh Affairs Select Committee inquiries into Rail Infrastructure in Wales and Renewable Energy in Wales

And our video promoting the work of our members is continuing to be widely visited on YouTube  We’ll be updating this soon to ensure all our members are featured so keep recording all your great projects.

We’ve continued to produce, via our Annual Conferences, a number of industry priority reports including “Active and Healthy Lives” on the role of infrastructure in improving our wellbeing, “Transporting Our Future Generations” which focuses on the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and “Streamlining Public Procurement” which is self explanatory! Our last one in 2021 was “Decarbonising Our Infrastructure” which is probably the biggest challenge for us all.

And we continue to produce regular briefings, articles and blogs on important and topical issues which affect the infrastructure sector and you can view these via the news page on this website.

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