Our current work programme is based on the following themes :

  • Promotion
  • Procurement
  • People
  • Partnerships

Each of these themes reflect areas of concern across the sector and the changing environment beyond the infrastructure sector. They also reflect the needs of members and will, hopefully, maximise our impact as an organisation. Within these themes we will also be focusing on Profitability and Productivity, two areas which are critical to the success of our members.

Within each of the themes we will be undertaking these specific activities :


  1. Promote the value of infrastructure investment at economic, social and environmental levels
  2. Continue to raise the profile of CECA Wales amongst clients, politicians and policy makers
  3. Inform and influence policy making
  4. Improve internal and external communications


  1. Work with clients, politicians and policy makers to streamline public procurement practices
  2. Inform and influence public procurement policy
  3. Support initiatives to improve efficiency and productivity across the sector


  1. Attracting people to the industry
  2. Supporting the development of our people
  3. Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our people


  1. Develop, maintain and grow partnerships with other organisations to pursue mutually beneficial objectives
  2. Work with specific partners on specific initiatives

Our Annual Reports will reflect progress against these themes.

Our work themes