Procurement : Streamlining the process

 Procurement continues to be a hugely contentious issue for civil engineering contractors. Public sector procurement processes represent the gateway between public and private sectors but the process is, so often, bureaucratic, costly and time consuming. Streamlining the process of bidding for work, making it more efficient and effective, has been a key priority for CECA Wales.

We work with clients, politicians and policy makers to streamline public procurement practices, to inform and influence public procurement policy and support initiatives to improve efficiency and productivity across the sector

We work with major construction clients including Welsh Government, local government, Dwr Cymru and Network Rail to ensure that bidding costs for contractors are minimised whilst maximising value for money for clients.

As frustrating as this area of business continues to be we have been busy preparing responses to both the Welsh and UK Governments as they seek to introduce new legislation to address current failings. It’ll take more than legislation to change culture and behaviours but it’s a step in the right direction. Here is the consultation on the Social Partnership and Public Procurement Bill and here’s our response to the UK Government Green Paper on “Transforming Public Procurement”

CECA produced a report in 2016 on procurement, called “Directions in policy for the UK infrastructure industry”, based on responses from members, which has made a series of recommendations for improvement. CECA Wales, in partnership with the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE) in Wales and the County Surveyors Society Wales followed this up with their own Wales specific report titled “Streamlining Public Procurement”. This report forms the basis of ongoing discussions with major construction clients and you can view a copy here.

Infrastructure and Politics : catching the mood!
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The Senedd elections took place in May 2021 and we saw Welsh Labour gain half the seats in the Senedd which is a remarkable achievement given that the proportional representation system is designed to prevent over-domination by one party and more fairly represent the views of the whole electorate. Since the elections Ministerial positions and

Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales response to the Welsh Government Road Review announcement
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Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales response to the Welsh Government Road Review announcement (22nd June 2021) The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales: Welcome the opportunity for clarity on future decision-making when it comes to the construction of roads in Wales; Are working constructively as a sector to address the need to decarbonise infrastructure;

Decarbonising Our Infrastructure
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Our joint Annual Conference 2021, hosted jointly by CECA Wales and our partners at ACE (Association for Consultancy and Engineering) in Wales and the County Surveyors Society (CSS) Cymru, took place “virtually” over 2 consecutive mornings starting on the 11th May and concluding on the 12th May 2021. The latter group represents Wales’ highway authorities